Tuesday, May 03, 2005

skating video

i just posted a video to ZeD where I have a bunch of media online. My profile and other junk is under the moniker Squish. I realised after making my DVD that somehow this one got left out. I'll have to make another version of it (the dvd) at some point to complete my portfolio, but I guess at this point it'll have to stand as a part of my famous "lost tapes." as in, stuff i forgot to put on the dvd.

Check it out! The soundtrack is mostly derived from the sound of skating... plus a little rhodes on the side to sweeten the deal. It was minus 25 when i shot it and it still gives me chills in my fingertips! Also, if you sign up to ZeD you can post your own content and vote for other people's stuff (ie. me! :P ).

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