Tuesday, May 31, 2005


well, i'm away from the bigsmoke (tdot) for the week - in kingston for my sister's wedding on the weekend. very much looking forward to another great party in the woods and square dance (!) to celebrate with her... my gran's here from the UK and my mum's dad is on his way over. it's weird how little time i've got to spend with my grandparents in the last bunch of years. i really wish they were closer so i could hang out with them more often. just as the baby changes me in her littlechildlike way, hanging out with granny has been a real eye opener - seeing the world in a whole different way.

with school crap out of the way (they gave me an award for my audio work!!!) i've been spending a whole lot more time out of doors - especially while we're in kingston. it's just so nice to be outside - sunshine or otherwise... how i miss it in the midst of the grey of the city. my eyes feel like they're tingling with the sensation of colours i've never seen before, or at least haven't seen for a long time... creation - so fantastic - thank God.


Barb said...

congrats to your sister :) Have fun celebrating ...

Anonymous said...

Hey Yoshi,
How am I getting down there and can I use Corky's tent? Can you either E-mail me (simon.borer@gmail.com) or phone work (Day time: [416] 703-5146, night [416] 975-0909)?
That'd be wicked.

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