Monday, April 17, 2006

He is risen!

Happy Easter yo.

Spent good friday eve at the Labyrinth at the eaton centre... beautiful time with 8 other freedomizers and simon. we shared communion and prayerwalked meditating on Gethsemene on the way in - praying with Christ in the garden, and on the way out prayed with peter in the courtyard facing the questions of the world acknowledging or denying christ, feeling betrayed and facing his own betrayal... based on a short reflection I wrote for the event. Thick fog descended on us during the walk (which took the better part of 1.5 hours for everyone to complete) and even thunder, lightning and a brief but heavy downpour - and no one quit or walked away despite the rain. amazing and powerful. many thanks to those who came out.

Easter sunday we joined the Catholic worker community in toronto for their easter dawn celebration. we biked down to the waterfront east of toronto, leaving our house at 4am and packing up little Hannah in a borrowed bike trailer. the ride took the better part of an hour and the service was beautiful and refreshing... the sun rise was glorious too! what a way to celebrate! after breakfast we recovered with an extended nap before heading to freedomize for the evening service... which was also a lovely celebration. I finally broke lent post-church with some fine white wine I got as a Christmas present... (thanks val) and shared it with the in-laws who arrived to visit.

He is risen indeed. Alleluia!

Thursday, April 06, 2006

It's OVER!

well, i handed it in. i am now forever 'ficially done at OCAD. yea!

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

i am excited; one new thing and one old thing.

two things i am very excited about: an event in toronto called NIDUS


tommorow at noon I hand in my final assignment for OCAD and then graduate... after 5 long years IT'S OVER!!!


I can't wait 'till easter... don't tell anyone but today I was playing piano and singing easter hymns... bellowing "up from the grave he arose" at the top of my little lungs - my favourite easter-only-song as a small child.