Monday, February 25, 2008

entire cities "waiting" live

I got to play a set in Ottawa and in Kingston last week with my TO band - Entire Cities. Man I miss those kids... t'was a blast as always. There's nothing quite like rockin our with si and brendan while banwatt smashes stuff and tamara makes it for prettier...

Also, the new album "Deep River" is out finally! Or at least a pre-release version of it... available at shows for now. Check out the myspace for new tracks (

and check out the great reviews on and it's not my fault they're both gushing... i'd post a bad one too if i knew about it.

Monday, February 04, 2008

attitude of gratitude - Thankscards blog

My friend has setup a blog with a similar theme to the now well known Postsecret blog except that this one focuses on thanksgiving! So send her a postcard at:

Thanks Cards
P.O. Box 339
Station A
Ottawa ON
K1N 8V3

and make sure to check out the lovely works of gratitude already in place: Thankscards Blog