Tuesday, April 19, 2005

A single heaven...

"A single heaven wraps around
this whirling, watered stone,
and every place is sacred ground
where God is loved and known."

from the hymn 'Seek not in ancient, distant hills' by Thomas Troeger, courtesy of my dad.

Monday, April 18, 2005

It ain't over till...

To all extents and purposes, this site should now be done... I only set it up for my thesis... but I don't really want to let go. So here's the deal: I'll just have to keep going with projects and ideas and keep posting them here.

Summer project #1: I've been asked to be the speaker at Golden Lake United Church Youth Camp again this year (first time around was last year)... which is very exciting. I have to come up with a plan and a curriculum outline in the next little while and while I'm supposed to be the "speaker" I'm going to try and work myself out of that job by attempting to come up with an interactive/experiential/artistic rendition of the curriculum. Basically, I have to tell the gospel story over the course of a week to a group of 15-18 yr olds... The weird part is that a lot of these kids have never heard the story, while others have been overchurched. The challenge is to, well... challenge both groups.

Summer project #2: A collaboration with a friend of mine who is both a writer and a assistant pastor of my church in Toronto (freedomize)... we've been wanting to work together for some time on a binaural experiential recording of a re-telling of the gospel, set in the context of downtown Toronto. So far, we've location scouted and had some dream sessions but haven't actually written the thing. We haven't yet quite resolved the thing but we'll certainly be borrowing some ideas from Janet Cardiff for this one - if you haven't experienced one of her audio walks yet you should - they're all over the world by now. We've also been talking of late of putting together some flash thingies... check out Born Magazine and Horizon Zero for some interesting examples of artist/writer/flash collaborations. embody also has some really interesting faithbased stuff to check out... So what are we actually doing? collaborating. Making what? we'll see.

I'll add more soon... I figure if i post my goals here, at some point someone will ask me: hey how's that thing going? and i'll be like: what thing? and they'll be like: that thing you said you were going to do, on yer blog? and i'll be like: crap! i'd better get on with it, seen as i told the (cyber-)world i would! thanks for reminding me!

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

destroy this site... destroy the internet!

web-rage getting you down? sick of my little rants and random theologizing?
can one "theologize"? well, they can now!
destroy it all in a plethora of ways at potatoland.org! try out Shredder if you just want to destroy one site, but use Riot to mash a bunch of sites together. You think your browser knows how to read HTML? Not until you've seen one that can't! Feed is nicely analytical (seeming) and Black and White re-reads CNN.com in a whole new way.

run an image database site like Flickr.com through Riot for a lot o laughs...