Monday, September 25, 2006

rockin' the supermarket

Originally uploaded by josh lyon.

on tour with colin, rockin the supermarket on sept 12th. thanks to everyone who came out - what an amazing audience for our third show ever! 150 people? and all cheering like banshees? you kids are too kind. check out colin on myspace ( if you want to hear the sort of thing we're rocking. i don't feel bad plugging him coz he rocks and i'm just the bass player. but yeah, i like to thing i help bring the rock to the live show... even from behind my dark curtain. yeah, that's me on the right of the shot.

"pay no attention to the man behind the curtain" - the wizard, from the wizard of Oz.

falling in love... with design

every now and then, i stumble accross someone or something so inspiring it winds up on this ol' blog... my poor, sad, neglected blog. i miss this thing.

but you can't/shouldn't miss this:

design, i love.
music, i love.

myspace, thankyou.