Friday, December 17, 2004

faces of jesus (not-bottled)

i found this link on jonny baker's blog (which is really worth checking out if you haven't yet). it's an animation/morph of faces of christ throughout history... i'd love to figure out a way of morphing to my bottled jesus piece at the end! good context for the work anyway... check it out here.

Wednesday, December 15, 2004

jesus bottled

this piece came out of taking a class called 'Art, Science and Nature' at OCAD which inspired some interesting and different approaches to my consideration of sacred space... mostly to do with the idea of quantifying God (is the embodied Jesus God quantified?), but also the 'God VS Science' silliness... anyway, i won't say more at this point because i think the work asks enough questions on its own. hopefully. see more about this piece and others i'm working on here. click on the pictures to see full size images.

Thursday, December 09, 2004

final presentation

my final presentation for this semester (part I of II) was today and the discussions i have been craving all semester finally began! i no longer feel like i'm working alone in a void -- which is nice, i was starting to get lonely in my void. Got some really good email feedback from various people and also some good feedback and suggestions from classmates... i wasn't very articulate and mostly talked about control and access but they really picked up on the deconstruction/reconstruction redemptive aspects of the work! cool. hopefully such discussions will continue and expand... thanks all.

virchual turch

not sure why i didn't post this before, it's been around for a while... an online 3D internet church... interesting and weird, that people consider this 'sacred space.' it's all about what you bring i guess... brought to you by those funny people at And yet for some reason this online virtual labyrinth walk does seem like sacred space every time i've "walked" it. try it and see...

Tuesday, December 07, 2004

a new blog - where is God in Toronto?

so i started another blog as a side project to this one... It's called "Where is God in Toronto?" and you can send me stories of encounters with God in the T-dot to It relates to this project of mapping and defining sacred space and if you want to know more about my thoughts about mapping and control and access, I am working on a paper titled: "From Jesus Fishsticks to God Helmets: Psychogeographies, Warchalking, Auras & Neurotheology(or: Why Where God is Matters)" which i may or may not post at some point...

Monday, December 06, 2004

update to the website

having just completed my interim report (part I of the thesis - woohoo!), i have just posted descriptions of all the projects i intend to do this year... click here to see the list or here to go to the frontpage... post feedback here under comments or email me!