Tuesday, January 31, 2006

easter art

my friend andrew and i have been having a really interesting dialogue as he has recently started curating art/worship events at the church he works at in waterdown. It thrills me that he is involved in such things, many years after we had conversations about new possibilities of melding of art and church... way to go mr. hyde! the following is from an email he sent out... i urge you to check it out if you are in the area around easter - i probably won't be able to make it as i'll be involved with Freedomize's easter thing... which is still in the 'works in progress' catagory! Not sure if this is actually an open call for submissions, but if you comment here, i'll forward ideas to mister hyde.

link to his church blog to see more pictures from Encarna

Easter Art Show 2006
Grindstone Valley Bible Church & St. James United Church – Waterdown

As a follow-up to the ENCARNA worship installation at Christmas, St. James and Grindstone are teaming up to put on an Easter Art Show during Holy Week.
The art show will take place on Palm Sunday, April 9, at the old St. Thomas Church in Waterdown (44 Flamboro St.). This is a really great space for the art show, as all the pews and fixtures in the old church have been removed, leaving an open and majestic space. The exhibit will be open from 9am to 9pm, with a culminating worship service taking place at 8pm.
Currently, we are looking for artists to showcase their art in this exhibit.
The aim of this art show is to prepare people for the special celebration of Easter – the Christian understanding of our redemption through Christ’s death and resurrection. Therefore we are looking for art that draws people into the Easter story in a profound way.
The art in this art show will be divided into two major categories (along with their subsequent themes).
GOOD FRIDAY – depicting themes of sacrifice, injustice, pain, separation from God, sin, etc.
EASTER – depicting themes of resurrection, new life, victory over death, hope, holiness, purity, etc.
Have you made any art, or would you like to create a new piece, that we could exhibit in this art show? If so, please contact either Jeff or Andrew as soon as possible, giving a brief description of the piece and why you’d like to exhibit it. If you can, it would be great to email a picture of the piece, so the organizers can plan ahead.
We are really excited about this event. It should prove to be a profound and meaningful way to move into Holy Week and the life-giving celebration of Easter.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006


multiple people seem to have caught on to this simultaneously... so good. pandora.com allows you to type in a song or an artist and get a sweet playlist of similar tracks streamed to your 'puter... ANY MUSIC OF ANY KIND. genius. refine the list and add other artists or start a new playlist - register to have and save multiple stations. sweet.

I have a sweet little F.S. Blumm/Tin Hat Trio/Christian Wallumrod Ensemble list going on right now... try it and see beautiful musics!


Originally uploaded by josh lyon.

more flickr pics added... trying to set up a myspace band page so those of you in webland can hear my latest audio experiments/play. throw me an email if you want a demo disc and we'll make plans... or wait for updates re:my myspace page.

Thursday, January 12, 2006

pics on flickr

I got a digital camera for christmas - yay! - and I'm uploading to Flickr like a fiend. I find their 'organize' tool to be really slow or entirely unresponsive, so I haven't yet sorted them all out. see my pics here: my Flickr pics. So excited to complete so many photo projects I've had in mind for so long! So excited to be able to take so many pictures! Recent uploads include: the Freedomize going away party for Todd (our now-former-senior-pastor-all-on-good-terms-!), and 'arty' stuff I took playing around with my little camera just after I got it.

Monday, January 02, 2006

Bono icon

Not sure where this originated but my friend andrew sent it to me in response to my contemporary icons...

Happy New Year!