Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Christmas eve at the cottage

Christmas eve with moon

as per family tradition we gather up at my parents cottage (off the grid - woodstove and candlelight and lake water only) on christmas eve...

cottage on Christmas eve through trees
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invisble college courses

From invisiblecollege.ca, the non-school my parents run in Kingston, ON:

Living Lightly: Rediscovering Sabbath in a 24/7 World
Find it hard to say “no” to more work in a crazy-busy world? Ever wondered what it means that God rested after creating the earth? Only PEI has no Sunday trading—does anyone care any more? What if the earth and our own bodies have built-in rhythms for work-and-rest that cause breakdown when they’re disturbed? How vital are pausing, playing, recreation, celebration and embracing life?

Explore these themes through provocative plenary presentations, written materials and interactive small-group discussion in a five-week evening course. No assignments or credit. Think, talk, question, explore…

Who is the course for?
Anyone who puzzles about a proper balance in life and wants a fresh perspective on priorities. Anyone who wonders if the Bible says anything about corporate time, burn-out or life in fast lanes. Anyone wanting to get in synch with the spirit of deep heaven.

Check out the new course listings at invisiblecollege.ca for upcoming courses...