Thursday, January 27, 2005

how to carry on?

since the christmas (much abbreviated) break i have been having a really hard time finding motivation to keep on working on this project. i've kind of lost focus at this point in time and yet still think that some part of what i am doing is worth doing. part of me wants to quit for now and come back to these ideas later... part of me can't let go that easy. I've been trying to step back from some of these ideas and re-evaluate the basis of what i'm trying to acheive. i think the core of it has something to do with quantification as a form of control (science? modernism?), but that's starting to seem way too much like an rapidly aging modern VS postmodern dualistic perspective... (how modern is that!). maybe another angle on it is patterning as a way of understanding the world and finding to much safety in establishing personal patterns and not being able to transcend them. bjork in dancer in the dark comes to mind... safety in patterns (rythmic) to escape the harshness of a less ordered reality. this seems to be what 'religion' is to a lot of people. safety in patterns. ??? - i don't know. i feel like i have a lot of learning and reading to do before i can make any sort of contribution to these grand discussions. i think this is my longest, most rambly post ever.

Monday, January 17, 2005

parable of the lost jesus

does this image do anything for anyone else? I've been thinking a lot about objects sacred, religious and sacreligious recently... what is up with kitsch like the jesus action figure? I got one for Christmas. I wanted one (who doesn't?) but now that I have one I don't know what to do with it. So much Jesus propaganda, but where's Jesus? So this is my parable of the lost Jesus. I'm also thinking of an art piece involving 99 random Jesus kitsch items. Same title as this post. Want to contribute something you don't know what to do with? (That last sentence is completely wack!) email me if you have any Jesus kitsch to give away.