Saturday, November 27, 2004

featured on ZED!

well, i'm rather chuffed that somebody in webland likes me. they decided to feature my installation and a video as featured content on the ZED hompage... wow. i feel so cool.

Friday, November 19, 2004

thief in the night

i just stumbled across this screensaver by an artist called Francis Alys. strangely, it satisfied an urge i had to create an artwork based on a weird nightime breakin encounter i had a few years back in melbourne. funny how someone else's art can do that sometimes. saves me the job! to preview or download it (mac or windows), click the pic.

Sunday, November 07, 2004

writers i like

annie dillard inspires me. mike riddell inspires me. leunig inspires me. they all make me think about god in new and surprising ways. i like manhole covers (and alleyways). leunig wrote a little prayer that i think of every time i see a manhole cover. it goes like this:
god bless the lone tunnellers; those rare individuals whose joy and passion it is to dig mysterious tunnells beneath the earth; who share the soulful purpose of moles and worms; who labour gleefully beneath our feet while we bask in the sun or gaze at the stars; whose pockets and cuffs are full of soil; who dig faithfully in the darkness, turning left and turning right; not knowing why or where but absorbed and fulfilled nevertheless. Under houses; under roads and statues; beneath and amongst the roots of trees; on elbows and knees; carefully, steadily pawing at their beloved earth; sniffing and savouring the rich odour of the dirt; dreaming and delighting in the blackness; onwards and onwards, not knowing day or night; unsung, anadorned, unassuming, unrestrained. Grimy fingernailed angels of the underworld; we praise them and give thanks for their constant, unseen presence in the vast labyrinth they have created beneath our existence. We praise them and give thanks. AMEN.

Friday, November 05, 2004

artist i like

the artists who are somewhat inspiring and informing my current work are (for various reasons): janet cardiff, bill viola, doug aitkins, and mark wallinger. i will keep adding to the list. these are just the hot, big names that relate to what i'm doing and come to mind first. although i do genuinely enjoy what they do!

Thursday, November 04, 2004

ZeD posting

ZeD ( is the coolest thing happening in TV land as far as I know. It's a place where art is shown on the telly and all you have to do is upload cool content to the website. i've been a member for a while but have only just posted something: 1 song. find the track in my profile here. it's a jazzy sort of thing, electronic-y... please check it out (and if you're a ZeD member, rate it!)

sacred space installation #1

the first installation i have done pertaining to my thesis - sacred space

installation #1 - close up

a close up of the custom made, hand screen printed caution tape elly helped me make. part of my first installation project. elly also took the pictures - thanks!

here i am

well, i finally joined the wanks, i mean ranks of bloggers. this shall be a sort of copy of my art journal and some other bits of info. i am currently working on the my thesis for a BFA at OCAD in toronto, canada. the title is sacred space. most of what i post will be about trying to figure out what that means. if you have any idea, i'd love to hear about it. as this is my first post ever, i'll stop for now before anyone gets hurt.