Thursday, September 20, 2007

ARS ELECTRONICA 2007 - Crucifixion Artwork

So I keep trying to post about Ars Electronica and never have time. Due to amazing circumstances, including the excuse of my upcoming birthday, I had the amazing privilege of attending the festival in Linz, Austria this year.

One of my favorite things that I saw was actually student work from the Digital Arts program of the University of Art in Berlin (Universitat der Kunste)... A simple cross atop an altar - but the shadow replays events from the biblical narrative!

this video is from my digital camera:

see a better hi-res full documentation video here:

and the full description here:

the work was created as part of a course called Sacral Objects. The other work can be seen here:

Check out the Anhelus piece - A church font that fills itself by condensation, turning the atmosphere of the church and the humidity coming off the people in the room and moisture in their breath into the baptismal water... amazing idea!