Monday, May 02, 2005

art for christ's sake!

I just read a really great article on the about art and potential controversy that arises with certain content (piss christ of course - it came up during my thesis defence too - in relation to my reified deity piece). I posted a while ago about seeing art as a way of loving... and this article articulates a similar line of thought really well. Loving the artist by loving what you see of God in what they do... Our view of God and our ability to love increased by viewing someone else's creativity.

oh yeah, speaking of which, i just made a DVD of most of my video work from the past two years... email me or get in touch somehow if you're interested in a copy.


richardwhite said...

Hi Josh,

Can't find your email link, but I'd really like to get a copy of your DVD. I've already found some of your ideas wonderful for use in worship. (btw I'm in England - near Liverpool).

Jonny Norridge said...

Hi Josh,
I would love to see the DVD if you fancied sending one to Nottingham, England. [I'd pay any expenses if that helped]