Tuesday, May 03, 2005


just so you know, those of you on the other side of the ocean, my dvd is in NTSC format so it will only play on computers or NTSC compatible dvd players - not the british PAL systems. for some reason we decided in N.America to have a few less lines of resolution on our screens.

the email link was missing from below... thanks for the interest! if you would like a copy email me here and we'll make arrangements.


Jonny Norridge said...

of course. should have thought of that myself.
oh well, it's a shame.

richardwhite said...

what a shame. Oh well when you're rich and internationally famous you can produce a PAL version too:)

jimmy said...

josh, cool site man, cool stuff on zed. My wife, one of my sons and I were loving the "rockin' baby" video!! How long did that take to edit man?!?!?