Monday, July 10, 2006

everybody sing: summertime, and the blogger is lazy...

so, it's summer... i was hoping to keep this blog up more faithfully through the summer months but yet again sunshine calls and i have no internet at home and for some reason don't like spending my extra hours at work to keep this up. i have hundreds of things to post about 'coz i'm finally done school and out and about but don't really want to sit in front of the screen... apparently there's a way you can just call in yer blog posts on the phone - but only in the states. too bad.

anyway, latest news is that I'm touring with a band this summer and into the fall, as the bass player no less... (check out Colin Munroe on Myspace) so that should be fun - so glad to be playing music all the time finally! I'll try to keep updating the blog whenever I can and from the road but we'll see how that goes! anyway, i don't mind if y'all don't check back 'till the fall - i'm sure no one feels all that let down but apologies if you are... see you on the flipside!