Tuesday, February 08, 2005

back on track...

Well, after much fiddling around and uncertainty, I guess I'm going to carry on in the same vein... I attended a very crazy conference a few weekends back and while most of it was just wierd, there was one speaker (by the name of bruxy) who really said some great things which motivated me to not only get back on track but also back to Jesus as the core motivation of what I'm doing. It's amazing that in the midst of a project about religiosity and human quantification etc. and how we miss the point of God in all that crap, I got distracted by the project itself in much the same way! the nice part is, he preaches what he refers to as "the gospel of the irreligious Christ." I don't know if he was quoting someone when he said: "The trouble with organised religion is not that it's organised but that it's religion." yeah man.
I also received much encouragement after Jonny Baker posted about this blog... thanks y'all.
And then... just to top it all off: I found a book in our school library called Material Christianity. Now, as far as OCAD goes, this is a pretty pleasant surprise!!! I kept looking in our library for related things but never dreamed that there would be something so specific to what I'm doing. Anyway, I have only just begun reading it but it's all about reading the cultural artifacts of christianity as a way of understanding the state of christianity today. Fantastic.

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