Saturday, February 26, 2005

faithful i am not... this blog. i find that in the midst of the madness (of thesis & research)i am less and less inclined to post... or at least not very often, because i may change everything tommorow! but i will not yet concede defeat (in blogging or art).
however, i am in a spot right now where i have (at least) 2 new projects underway and an exciting new venture outside of my thesis. as to the two projects, they must still be kept underwraps... i find that if i say too much, i do too little because the creative/communicative (?) urge is satisfied already to some extent. but soon i will post pics.
the other exciting thing is that i got together the other day with an artist's collective that is in formation stage. we mostly just discussed how we (as christians also) can encourage and support each other and what our dreams are. I think all in attendance were much encouraged by the simple act of gathering together in physical space as much as by sharing our grand dreams! very exciting!

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