Wednesday, May 10, 2006

NT Wright Revival (updated)

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last night in toronto, 'the bish' kak NT Wright spoke at a club called revival... at an event organized by Empire Remixed. so when I arrived someone asked me if I was a big NT fan. I admitted that I'd never read anything of his and that I was really there mostly coz cool people told me about it and that I should probably go (thanks mr. rennie).

anyway, having attended and not really liking the idea of being a fan, I'd have to say I'm on my way to being converted... really appreciated his thoughts and theology, certainly a cat worth looking up and reading more of. I have a few questions regarding his answer to a question (asked by John Franklin of Imago) about the role of art in the church which I guess I'll have to email 'the Bish' about after I get a hold of and read the chapter entitled 'Beauty' from his new book. Anyone got a copy they want to lend me?

see more pics from the event here: nathan's flickr pics and/or read more about it here on nathan's blog.

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