Wednesday, May 24, 2006

felted womb

Originally uploaded by josh lyon.

my wife made this beautiful art piece over an excersize ball out of a whole lot of raw and died wool - mostly shaped in the shower due to the need for a lot of hot water in the felting process!


Jasper M said...

Dear Josh,

Im working on a proposal for a natural building / art object.

This picture is for me a great reference and symbolic for the womb, a space in the proposed structure.

Can you help me by sending me a copy, offcourse I will mention you and your wife for the credits,

If you want to know more, I'm in a sketch and concept phase right now and can give you some info.

thank you,


josh said...

Jasper - glad you like it... I just realized now that we never touched base... or did we?

funny when you stumble back and find these things... let me know if this is still relevant to you!

I can't track you by this comment, so maybe you'll stumble upon it here...