Tuesday, March 15, 2005

thou shalt not let the simulacra take hold...

Could the second commandment read "when it comes to me [God], thou shalt not let the simulacra take hold"?
for a brief [non] explanation of simulacra see this little flash thingy i made today. It's a flash version the photo project i proposed regarding tourist icons.
If you want a real explanation of what I'm going on about and why... read this or this. Or, if you prefer to read from the man himself (Baudrillard) this should do. I should never have even considered these things this late in the game, but it seems inevitable now to go down this road a little way. He's all about disproving God by way of images... And yet God warned about this very thing so long ago... although his argument is quite dismantling.


jonnyjpg said...

I'd been having similar thoughts about models of the atonement.

I hear someone say a similar thing once "we should worship God not theories about God"

Last year I produced this on the thinking of simulacra: http://www.newpollution.co.uk/101/simulacrum/

josh said...

thanks for the feedback jonny,

that part about 'worshipping God, not the idea/theory/art' has really been bugging me the last little while. how to make art about God without contributing to the madness?

i'm planning another post on this soon... once thought concretes itself a little further...