Wednesday, March 23, 2005

shine like stars

I took a full-page printout of the above image and used a thumb-tack to prick tiny holes which fill in all the black spaces. In the white spaces where the body should be but is not shaded, I added a few more scattered holes to suggest the missing bits. When placed on an overhead projector it projects a beautiful image of Christ crucified in what appears to be a constellation of stars. I had to do a few of these until I came up with one that I liked - slight variation in hole size helps it have some depth. I call it Shine like Stars in reference to one of my favourite bible verses. For easter sunday, I intend to project this piece on a wall in the church with a cross made out of caution tape in front of it in the same way as in my God is in here piece. Except in this case, it will just be striped black and yellow tape, without the added text.

It seems kind of strange in the context of art school to be giving away ideas like this but it's fine with me if anyone wants to duplicate/remix said project for their own use - as long as God gets the credit ultimately! Click on the picture above to download the full size jpeg image ready to print...


jonny said...

beautiful idea - will become a worship trick!

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