Monday, March 26, 2007

non-stop complete bible readthrough!

so i had this idea - inspired by a high school practice of watching the original star wars trilogy back to back - that i wanted, at some point in my life, to hole up in a room somewhere and read the entire bible non-stop with a group of other crazy people.

something about doing it all at once - no breaks - is very exciting to me.

well, i mentioned it to some people at church ( and they ran with it. so this weekend, Wednesday March 28th to Saturday March 31st, the readthrough will be happening at St Stephens in the fields on the north end of kensington market. stop by any time. sadly, i won't be able to camp out so i'll have to set this up again sometime... new babies, older child, etc. I'll be there as much as possible. according to recordings that you can buy it should take about 73 hours or so.

but - *exciting* - the whole thing will be recorded and i hope that it will also be posted online at some point.


jimmy said...

What a great idea. You guys are crazy!

Francis Kneebone said...

nice dude, are you all using the same translation?

Will you break for lunch during the Prophets and have Super during Mark 14?