Wednesday, November 22, 2006

gospel according to tom

so i've been on a tom waits kick of late and i am very excited about the upcoming orphans 3-disc set... recently compiled a little liturgy of tom waits tunes which i thought i would share with the world. if i really had the time this would be a podcast, but it's not, it's a list:

  • Invocation: "Come on up to the house" (Mule Variations)
  • Creed: "Everything you can think" (Alice)
  • Confession: "Chocolate Jesus"* (Mule Variations)
  • Absolution: "Sins" (Real Gone)
  • Closing: "Way down in the hole" (live version from Big Time)
  • Blessing: "Jesus Gonna be here" (Bone Machine, although the blind boys of alabama do a great cover too)

any other suggestions...? I've been thinking about doing this with other bands too... any suggestions? (btw. they don't have to use so much religious language for this to work...)

* the real genius of this song is the rooster crowing throughout... think about it.

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