Thursday, November 04, 2004

here i am

well, i finally joined the wanks, i mean ranks of bloggers. this shall be a sort of copy of my art journal and some other bits of info. i am currently working on the my thesis for a BFA at OCAD in toronto, canada. the title is sacred space. most of what i post will be about trying to figure out what that means. if you have any idea, i'd love to hear about it. as this is my first post ever, i'll stop for now before anyone gets hurt.


josh said...

ummmm... i didn't mean any offence to all you bloggers with the 'wanks' slur. i really typed it by accident and then laughed and then left it in. freudian slip.

Anonymous said...

i think its great you joined the wanks, and i think baby likes internet a lot